Progress Highlights

Project Research / Discussion

  • Completed Fitweet's UML activity diagrams AD_FYP_SW-768.png AD_FYP_EXP_768.png AD_FYP_AD.png

  • Completed Fitweet EDM's ML process diagram ML_LABEL_DIAGRAM (BG).png

  • Recorded FYP1 Final Presentation video

Project Development

Fitweet Labelling System

Bug fixes:

  • Updated requirements.txt and fixed bug for Generate Set Analysis
  • Updated Generate Set Analysis with tweets instead of %s
  • Fixed Generate Set Analysis bug
  • Updated Generate Set Analysis column names
  • Added pagination before Tweets labelling section in Expert Home
  • Fixed rounded container issue (changed sm:rounded to rounded)
  • Added strip() function to fix whitespace bug in Login
  • Fixed bug for Update Expert
  • Changed Forgot password to Forgot username/password and Experts Management to Expert Management

Fitweet Smart Watch User Dashboard

Added new custom Account user model and SmartWatchUser model for Registration module:

  • Configured URLs and views for Registration module
  • Added register.html template for Registration module
  • Updated requirements.txt for Tweepy package
  • Updated account/ for newly created models
  • Added Twitter username validation using Tweepy
  • Added model_seeds for role.json
  • Added base templates and static files for dashboard

Created SWU and Administrator apps in Django:

  • Configured URLs and FBVs for both SWU and Administrator modules
  • Added template for SWU module (swu_home.html) with Chart.js CDN integration
  • Added template for Administrator module (admin_home.html)
  • Integrated Twitter API code using Tweepy to extract SWU followers, following, tweets count and tweets
  • Updated account/ for newly added modules
  • Updated navbar inside base.html base template

Added Account Settings module for SWU:

  • Added new template for Account Settings module (swu_settings.html)
  • Configured URLs and FBVs for Account Settings module
  • Created and migrated new models for SWU (Gender, FitnessStatus, Option)
  • Added new model seeds for newly created models
  • Added new JS file for Account Settings module (swu.js)
  • Update Login module template (added Remember Me and Forgot Password code) and JS file (removed Registration module codes)
  • Created new JS file for Registration module (registration.js)
  • Added .strip() method to username and password during login to fix whitespace bug
  • Updated navbar base.html base template with hyperlink to Account Settings page
  • Updated bg color of Age field in Account Settings from 50 to 100

Front-end changes and bug fixes:

  • Updated card label for each card, fixed padding for each card and fixed spaces for mobile.
  • Updated age input field and select dropdown height
  • Added 2 line charts and fixed whitespace in the card
  • Updated graph placeholder and predicted sentiment placeholder.

Twitter API development:

  • Fixed user_timeline Twitter API call by replacing screen_name with SWU Twitter username instead
  • Fixed Tweets datetime timezone bug, amended template name, FBV and url for Forgot Password module

Heroku deployment:

  • Set up Heroku deployment configurations
  • Updated requirements.txt
  • Changed Python runtime to 3.9.5 and updated STATICFILED_STORAGE
  • Recollect static and added static/ directory in STATICFILES_DIRS

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 4.55.43 AM.png


Added new Forgot Username/Password module using Django built-in Reset Password module:

  • Added new Reset Password templates in account app
  • Configured URL for Django built-in Reset Password module linked to custom templates
  • Added Email configurations in
  • Changed Forgot password link in login.html
  • Updated requirements.txt with new django-widget-tweaks package
  • Added missing Forgot password link in login.html
  • Updated INSTALLED_APPS with missing widget_tweaks app
  • Added Tailwind classes at invalid password reset link message

Added new Administrator Management module:

  • Configured FBV, URL for Administrator Management module
  • Updated admin.js
  • Updated admin_home.html template
  • Updated navbar in base.html template
  • Removed duplicate static files
  • Fixed logic for Update Expert (use pk as ID for Account.objects.get())

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 4.55.57 AM.png

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 4.56.16 AM.png

What I'm stuck at?

Apart from the EDM development in which progress will be continued during the semester break, nothing. Just need to finish the FYP1 report in IEEE paper by next week.

How will next week be?

  • FYP1 Viva on Monday, 21st June 2021. My session will be in the morning, so wish me luck! Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 12.49.29 PM.png

  • Complete FYP1 report in IEEE paper format requested by supervisor

Lessons Learnt

  1. They say that hard work pays off. As cliche as it sounds, now that I have reached the final week of the semester and arrived at the 10th devlog for my FYP1, I realised just how much that I have struggled and achieved in return. It's just amazing how much that I had to put up with for the past few months. I hope all this effort will be recognised and pays off during my viva next week.
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